Teaching Staff


School Teachers  


- Mr. Benjamin Muritu                                                  - Headteacher

-     Mr. John K. Karuri                                                 - Deputy Headteacher

-     Mr. Francis N. Macharia                                          - Senior Teacher

-     Mr. Stanley M. Mwoha

-     Mr. Pius Kigumi.

-     Mr. Peter W. Kihara.

-     Mr. Alfred G. Karuri.

-     Mrs. Veronicah W. Muchiri

-     Mrs Jane W. Gathenya


Welcome to Tuthu Primary School Website.

It was started in 1958 by the CCM Fathers close to the Roman Catholic Church.

Very few learners were able …

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Academic performance badges

We organize prize-giving days once every term.



Produced prominent people in the society

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